About us

Hello there! We are the two owners of Chic Affair; Fedra and Jelke, known by some as the Minten sisters ;-)

Fashion has become our passion and we love incorporating a level of elegance into our outfits every single day. Friends and family have been calling us fashion addicts for years! 

Since the end of 2017, we've been dreaming of the idea of launching our own physical clothing store, but that proved quite challenging as we're both living on opposite ends of the globe. With Fedra living in San francisco and Jelke living in Belgium, it would be practically impossible to build a physical retail store together.

After a few months of brainstorming and gathering ideas, we decided to turn our physical separation into an advantage by launching this online clothing store.

We are incredibly proud of where we are and excited about what is to come! Our store is focused on affordable clothing for all women young at heart. Creating an elegant and feminine look is what we shoot for with every single outfit.

It is our mission to make you confident in what you wear; ready to conquer a new day! We carefully select and craft every single outfit ourselves and are definitely not afraid of wearing them one too many times. ;-)

Our hope is that you find our selection as beautiful, interesting and exciting as we do, and you enjoy shopping with us!

Make the world your runway, babes!

- xoxo

The Minten Sisters
Chic Affair, Inc.